Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just a Reminder

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind all of you about my bookparty. I'm getting a little anxious about it. I've never hosted anything like this before. I'm worried no one will show up, I'm worried about the menu, having more people than my house can hold, on and on. Anyways!!!

For those of you in my area it is next Saturday, November 15th @ 6Pm @ my house. Let me know if you need directions. I really hope you can make it.

For those of you not in my area as well as those of you in my area you can't make it next Saturday. You can shop online! Unfortunately the online shopping doesn't come with my hopefully wonderful food and comapany. I know - takes all the fun out of it. The website is

They have some really great children's books at what I think is a pretty reasonable price. I'm hoping to earn lots of goodies for my classroom and maybe even some for my future children. They already have their own library. :)

So go ahead. Go the website and get some Christmas shopping taken care of. You know you want to.

1 comment:

  1. I visited your site and love the cute books! Un fortunately, there are no little ones on my Christmas List this year. I'm so sorry!!

    Good luck at your party - they are so much fun!! How are the bookmarks coming?