Saturday, November 22, 2008

This & That...

I've been meaning to blog for several days and just haven't. We've been very busy. But I know that if I don't blog now, I will only have that much more to blog with the holidays coming up.

Let me start back at Wednesday. Wednesday was Journey's Thanksgiving. We had around 80 people. Lots of good food! Below are a few pics of the evening.

Thursday night we saw Third Day! It was a great concert! Thanks to Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sandi for taking us. We really enjoyed it. Unfortunately too far back for my camera to get any pics. :)

Today - I worked out in the cold all day with my Student Council. We entered Channel 11's Stuff the Sleigh Contest. We are to decorate a POD and then fill it with toys. Today we decorated the POD, and now we can start collecting the toys. Below are a few before & after pics.

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