Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am twenty-six years old. I have been married for six years. I have zero kids. Some people have a hard time understanding why that is so, especially when they know I want kids. All that together makes Mother's Day fill me with a range of emotions wider than I think I've ever known.

I have ten loving and caring sibling-in-laws. One of them understands what it is like to wait for a child. She waited ten years before trying to conceive and then another three before God blessed her with this beautiful little girl.

Jill blessed me Sunday evening with a mother to be gift. No we are not expecting, but someday I will be a mom. And that qualifies me for a mom to be. :) I was so surprised to receive a gift and even more thrilled when I opened the box and found this.

I posted about wanting one of these two months ago.
I can't wait to get it into my flowerbed. Mine is pink and green which go perfectly with our huge tree and nine azaleas.

There are seventeen days of school left. Two of those are student-free days.

My surgery is in thirty-seven days. I will not be able to walk or drive for at least thirty days afterwards. Right now all things in my life are measured around those thirty days. Everything must be done before the 17th of June or after the 17th of July.

Andrew will be going to Texas soon, possibly on the 15th of this month. The number of days he will be gone is MUCH bigger than I like. While he isn't one hundred percent sure, the number of days gone will probably be bigger than fourteen. I will be home alone with our two dogs during that time. I already have lots planned to keep myself busy.

With all these numbers, I might just be ready to teach math next year.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I'm so glad that you liked your flag! We're here to take care of you if Andrew is out of town while you can't drive - no worries! Clever post with the numbers! :)

    Love you!

  2. I thought about you this year on Mother's Day! Glad you received a "mother to be gift". You have been posting a lot lately about the desire to be a mother. I think you are more in the "norm" with waiting longer. I think that seems to be the trend more these days. Matt and I were married 4 years when we started trying to conceive and we had been married a little more than 6 years when Conner was born. Your time will come :) If you need anything while you can't drive just let me know. I am sure you will get in a lot of math lesson plans during this time LOL!!!

  3. I hope your time without Hubby goes quickly, I know it stinks!

    Prayers that your Mothering Dream comes true soon.

    Very neat post, I'll have to remember it to steal sometime in the future :)