Friday, May 28, 2010

Picking A Name

For the past few days, I've been playing around with some different blog design ideas. Designing my own blog has proved to be much more difficult than I thought. The hard part is the technical side of it. That - I've figured out. It's the look. Things always look better to me when they are made by someone else. Every little flaw stands out to me when it is something I've done.

One of my biggest design blocks is finding a name for my blog that I love. I've gone back and forth with this since I started blogging. I want something more exciting than just The Weavers. It's hard. I want my name to be descriptive of my blog, but my blog is dedicated to one area of my life. I also want a name that can stand the test of time. I want a blog that is good now and will be good ten years from now.

I've been searching through blog after blog looking at their names. I have gotten no ideas from this, but I have been reminded that I'm not a mom. And I'm not a newlywed anymore. It seems that every blog is either about parenthood or the life of a newlywed and the names of blogs reflect that.

Guess that means I have the Not a Mom, Not a Newlywed blog. HA!! Maybe that should be my title.

How can naming my blog be harder than naming children. I don't even have those, but I have their names all picked out.

If only there was a blog naming genie!!

Maybe I should stop trying to have a perfect blog name. What does it really matter in the end anyways? Are you going to stop reading my blog if it's name totally stinks?


  1. I love it! Love the changes you made!

  2. Hey there, so glad to hear you got a new sewing machine and that you would like to take my class!! i will send you some info about dates and prices and the different classes i'll be offering sometime at the end of this week :) take care!