Friday, June 1, 2012

Come On In!

Welcome to the Weaver House!  I'm linking up with Kelly today to share our living room with you.

Decorating our home as been a long journey for me.  When we first got married I was 20 years old and had not a clue as to what my personal style was.  At that point Andrew definitely had better decorating skills than I did.  Sometimes I think he still does. :)

It has a taken almost eight and a half years, but we are starting to learn OUR style.  I'm not very good at seeing the big picture.  So many times Andrew will say he likes something and it will look good here or there and I just don't see it.  Of course once we get it home I have that Aha! moment.  There are times when I wish he didn't care, but for most part I'm very thankful to have a husband who wants and input in our home and what it looks like.

We both like color!  When it comes to furniture it is very hard to find something we agree on.  The foot in height difference has something to do with that.  If he sits comfortable on a piece of furniture, chances are my feet don't touch the ground and my arms are level with my head when placed on the arm rest. HA!

Enough talk. Welcome to our living room!

 The view from our dining room.  The doors in the background are our garage door and front door.

 Looking in from the hallway. 

 I LOVE my red TV stand!!  It was something we had been arguing over for quite some time.  I wanted something big... a real piece of furniture.  Andrew wanted something small.  We stumbled across this and both fell in love with it.  We got a discount because a lady returned it because of teeny tiny scratch ON THE BACK!  It was meant to be. :)

 Aww.  My chair!!  There have been many books read in this comfy chair. :)  Notice the owl pillow.  Of course it is my chair.

 Our love seat with my favorite pillow.  Andrew surprised me with it after I fell in love with it.  It was an expensive pillow so he originally told me to keep looking.  I couldn't find anything I liked near as much so he went and bought it for me.

A close up of our paintings that our dear friend Amanda painted for me.  They are huge and bright!  Adds so much color. 

So there you have it!  Small and comfy.  That's how we like it.


  1. I love those trees! And the fact that your friend made them not only makes them a statement piece, but that they mean something.

    And I completely get not having a defined style. In a lot of ways I feel like I'm hopeless when it comes to home design, but hopefully I eventually manage to figure it out! Ha!

  2. I also love the trees! I was hoping I might be able to get them somewhere but sadly (for me) I can't. That's awesome that your friend painted them for you.

  3. It's BEAUTIFUL! You have a great sense of style!!!