Saturday, June 23, 2012

They call me Aunt E

A little over eight years ago when I married the husband I became an aunt for the first time. I have eight beautiful nieces, five handsome nephews, and another nephew who will arrive in a few weeks. I have to tell you I absolutely love being an aunt. It's one of my favorite things. My older nieces and nephews simply call me Elaina. They were old enough when Andrew and I married that they very rarely throw in the aunt. I'm fine with that. It doesn't bother me at all, but at the same time it is sweet music to my ears to hear the little ones say Aunt E.   I'm not going lie! They say Aunt E and I'll pretty much give them whatever they want because I love hearing them say Aunt E so much.

Thursday night I had the blessing of keeping Jackson & Millie while Cary & Sara had a little alone time to celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary. I love how Andrew's siblings act like it is such a big deal when I keep their kiddos. Jill constantly tells me I'll understand when I have my own kids. I feel like they are the one doing me a favor: allowing me precious time with my nieces and nephews. Because we don't have our own children, our house isn't exactly kid-friendly. We have no toys. We have a cup of plastic animals and that is it!! I decided tonight we would treat J & M to some fun time at Chick-Fil-A.  

After we ate our chicken and had fun playing we headed back to our house for a popsicle and outside fun.

I loved the time we were able to spend with Jackson & Millie as well as Cary & Sara.  Jackson has such a wild imagination.  That kid cracks me up.  Millie has the sweetest little voice.  I LOVE it!  I wish they lived closer and we could see them more often.  

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  1. Aunt E! So sweet!!!! Looks like those kiddos had a blast :)