Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Little Kitchen

Our kitchen remains a mystery to me.  As I stated in my previous post cooking is a rarity in our home.  Our kitchen is probably the least used room in our house so how in the world does it get so dirty?  Seriously.  It amazes me.

It could possibly be because it is my least favorite room to clean.  I'll do just about anything to get out of cleaning the stove, sink, and dishes.  Again, how do those things get dirty when we don't cook?

Thankfully our kitchen is small.  Perfect for people like us.

It comes complete with a crazy brown dog. :)

I HATE our white cabinets.  Andrew and I enjoy going and looking at new houses and getting ideas for our dream home.  When I walk and see white cabinets in the kitchen it completely turns me off to the whole house.

Some things in my kitchen that I do like...

 My owl cookie jar.  He is was a birthday gift from my Mommom.  I'm pretty sure he was the first owl to come into our home. 

 My dry erase board, scentsy warmer, and my favorite picture of my brother and me.  I love my little dry erase board.  I enjoy switching it up every so often.  And if you haven't bought into the Scentsy idea, you need to .  They are marvelous!!!

 My monthly canvas.  My very crafty sister-in-law Sara gave us these for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I LOVE them!!!  

Honeymoon water.  Andrew and I filled this bottle from the springs in Hot Springs while on our honeymoon.

While we're talking about my kitchen, I might as well update on how the cooking is coming.  Andrew ended up having to stay in OKC longer than expected.  He is on his way home right now.  I cooked for myself one night and that was it.  He will be home a couple of days before leaving again so hopefully I'll be able to try out some of my recipes.


  1. I love the owl cookie jar. To be honest I've never really thought about having a nice decorative cookie jar in our kitchen. But I do remember my mom having one, and thinking about it, it would be fun to have.

  2. I love the white cabinets.! All of it looks really neat. Enjoy!

  3. Such cute ideas and I love the owl cookie jar! Thanks for sharing:)!

  4. I go back and forth on what I want my cabinets to be in my next home. I love white because it makes the kitchen brighter but then I see other kitchens without and like them too!