Sunday, June 3, 2012

Going Domestic Part 1

 A Master Chef.

Queen of the Kitchen.

The Next Martha Steward.

Paula Dean.

These are names that my sweet husband would NEVER use to describe me. HA! 

When it comes to cooking, this pretty much sums up my feelings.

Sometimes I have high hopes of these grand meals being hot and on the table when the husband arrives home from work.

Because we are not a family who eats at home, we rarely have the ingredients on hand to prepare a meal.  So I get these great ideas for a meal and head to the store to pick up some groceries after work.  By the time I'm out of the store and home I no longer feel like cooking.

But now it's summer.  I'm home all day.  I don't have to try to cook a meal after teaching all day.

So I've been scouring pinterest the last few days looking for some easy and healthy recipe.  I pinned a few and made my grocery list.  

The meals have been planned.  The groceries have been bought.

I'm going to learn to cook this summer.  I hope the husband's stomach can handle it. 

I'm praying that I learn to at least tolerate it as well.  I do want to cook so we don't eat out every day.

Maybe if I blog about it and allow all of you to hold me accountable I'll actually maintain a cooking lifestyle.

Wish me luck.  And send those recipes my way.


  1. I get lots of good ideas from pinterest. Look for recipes for your crockpot - it cooks and you do nothing - AND it doesn't heat up the house.

  2. Look at rotisserie chicken on that's the next one I'm going to try

  3. Elaina,
    In 2010, I did a "cook 100 new recipes from scratch" challenge in an effort to teach myself to "really" cook. It was the best thing I have done! I learned to cook from scratch from the beginning instead of cooking processed food from boxes and then having to change bad habits. It also really gave e a passion for cooking and expanding my tastes. I know you dont "like" veggies, but give them all a second chance. You will find that you dont like certain ingredients (for me its vinegar) and you can just leave those out of recipes. Anyway, since 2009, we have not eaten the same thing twice in our house and we eat dinner at home every single night!! It has been so much fun. Maybe a tangible challenge would help you more than just a wish to cook more? I know that you are aware of my blog, but just in case you havent looked there for recipes, there are tons there. If you have some favorite ingredients, let me know and I can make some recommendations for easy recipes to start with. :) Also, (whew, this comment is much longer than I intended) Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is a FANTASTIC beginners cookbook. Everything in it is super easy, really fresh, healthy, and tasty. And most can b prepared within 20-30 minutes. I highly recommend it for a beginner. SO - good luck!!

  4. With this link, you can look at only the food posts and skip all of the scrapbooking pages:

    I really should have two separate blogs, but I can't maintain 3!