Monday, January 28, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Just a few random thoughts today.

1. I bought this blue & green chevron shirt from Accessory Dash a few weeks ago.  I ordered a medium based on their size chart and it is too big. :(  I was very disappointed because I think it is so cute.  I'm selling it now.  $35 shipped - that's what it cost me.  Let me know if you are interested. 

2. The husband and I have now been living in separate houses for three weeks.  Some people have his and her bath towels.  We have his and her houses.  I've been staying pretty busy which helps, but I definitely miss living in the same house as my husband.  

3.  I spent the weekend at House B with him.  We went boat shopping which was fun.  We looked at some brand new boats which translates into really expensive boats that are way out of our budget.  It was still fun.

Then we went and walked the docks and looked at used boats.  These were more in our price range.  I think we might have even found our boat.  We are so excited.  

3. Miranda is in the process of redesigning my blog.  I needed a good & recent pic of the husband and me to send her for the design.  I decided we looked nice enough for church Sunday that it was the perfect time.  I was explaining to the husband it had to be a good one because it was for the blog and this is when he chose to take the picture...

Oh my!  He thought he was so funny! 

The real picture will be coming soon. 

4.  I've had my first two Thirty-One parties but tomorrow night is my first in home by myself party.  I've been a little nervous but the more I think about it the better I feel.  It will be with friends & family and what better people to practice with.

5.  I was sitting at my desk today between classes when one of my students walks up and shoves a plastic bag in my face.  He is begging me to look up at what he has brought for improv show & tell.  I look up to find a snake skin in his bag.  I probably came across as rude.  I shoved my hand up and told him he needed to get that thing away from my desk.  I know I'm a Science teacher but I really don't care to have critters in my room especially SNAKES - dead or alive.  YUCK!

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