Sunday, January 13, 2013


Friday could not get here fast enough.  Last week was such a long and exhausting week.

After being off for two weeks, it was hard to go back to getting up early and going to work.  Not to mention that with it being the first week back, I was up and teaching pretty much every day.

By the time Friday rolled around I was more than ready to pack my bags and head to House B.  

My parents, both grandmothers, brother & S-I-L joined us at House B to celebrate my daddy's 51st birthday.  We had such a good time.  I had my camera all ready to capture the moment, but got lost in visiting and completely forgot to take any pictures.

We enjoyed pizza and dessert, but mostly just visiting and laughing until we cried.  I am so glad they were all able to come over and spend some time with us.  

Saturday was rainy and nasty all day.  It made the perfect day for napping and just being lazy.  We did get out long enough to hit an antique store on Main street and buy the husband a new nightstand.  

We got up this morning and headed to church.  Afterwards we ate lunch at our favorite restaurant in our new home town.  

Lunch was followed with a trip to the tiny theater to see Lincoln.

It was a beautiful Sunday.  Then we went back to House B where I packed up my stuff again - a little slower this time - and  left for House A.

It was hard.  Harder than I thought it would be.  Harder than it was last weekend.

I'm not a fan of being weekend spouses.  

But I did come home to a big pink box of goodies.

My thirty-one enrollment kit came this weekend and I could not be more excited.  I love everything in it!!

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