Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fighting the Static

After looking at our photos from Saturday, I've decided to keep my hair long. At least for now... I just really like the way it looks in the pictures. I'm going to keep going with the way it is, at least until next month. I might do something different over Christmas break.

But, I have a daily battle with static. Actually it's an hourly battle. I don't know what to do to tame the static. I've been known to carry a sheet of fabric softener in my purse. That works well.

I'm thinking there has to be some hair product out there for this little problem. I haven't even looked. Do you know of anything?

Every morning after I straighten my hair, I look like I've touched that big ball they have in museum. You know...the one that purposefully makes your hair stand on end.


  1. YOu might try running a vaporizer in the house...your house is probably very dry inside, or just boil some water on the stove every day to put moisture in the might help.

  2. If you find a cure for this - tell me about it! :)