Saturday, November 6, 2010

We Are Family!!

I LOVE my family. I couldn't have asked for a better family to be born into or a better family to marry into. God has truly blessed me with an amazing family.

Yesterday, Katie asked us to share pictures of our family. You should be warned now, this post is going to have a LOT of photos.

Let's start with my immediate family. If you have been reading this blog for very long you know all about me, the husband, and the furbabies. Andrew is absolutely my best friend. He is an amazing man who loves me than I deserve, even when I'm not easy to love. He is incredibly smart and talented. He works so hard to provide for me. He doesn't look too bad either. :) Miss Liberty Belle will always be my first child. She has taught me more about patience than I could ever share with you in one post. Liam Bailey is my sweet cuddly boy. He has taught me that my heart has room for two puppies. :) I'll share more about them in today's challenge which will be all about them.

As for the family I was born in to.... My Momma is my best girlfriend. We are so much alike that it is scary at times. I can cry my heart out to her about anything. I love to hang out with her every chance I get. I so wish they lived closer. My Daddy is just Daddy. I definitely think of him like every little girl should think of her Daddy. He's my hero. He loves my Momma and works hard to take care of us. In my eyes, he can do anything. Seth, my sweet baby brother. I love the young man he has become. He is so sweet although I think he tries to hide that at times. He is so much fun to hang out with. I cherish the time I get to spend with him. I know that when God sees fit, he is going to make a wonderful husband.

The In-Laws.....That really isn't the right term. In-laws has such a negative connotations in today's world. I hear so many jokes and stories about how awful the in-laws are. I just feel sorry for those people and so thankful that God blessed with the perfect in-laws. They are my family. I love them dearly. Daddy & Momma Weaver are wonderful. They love me like one of their own. I could share story after story of times when they have made me feel loved.

I grew up with just the one brother. when I became Mrs. Weaver, I gained a whole big crew of brothers and sisters. And I LOVE it.

Andrew's oldest brother, Chris is married to Kerri. Kerri has two daughters, Kacie & Kaitlyn, and they have Kandace. They are a beautiful family that we enjoy hanging out with.

Andrew's older sister is Jayna. She is married to Tony. They have three kids, Jessica, Waylon, & Joylyn. They are such a sweet family. I think of them as the quiet ones. I'm not sure a quiet Weaver even exist, but they are as close as it gets. :) We don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like.

Next in the line up is Joy and her husband Gerry. They have the three boys, Tyler, Cody, & Pryce. Joy and Gerry are such a godly couple! I love to spend time with them. I always leave filling a desire to know God in a more intimate way. We love the boys too! Andrew loves to hang out with them and play ball.

Jill is married to Alex. They have sweet little Amelia. Jill is very near and dear to my heart. She is the sister that scared me when I first started dating Andrew. :) She loves her family and you just don't mess with that. Alex is Andrew's boss so they of course spend lots of time together. And Miss Amelia...Well you know what we think of her. I get to hang out with her Tuesday evening and to say I'm looking forward to it would be a huge understatement.

Last but not least is Cary. Cary is married to Sara and they have Jackson & Millie. Cary is probably Andrew's best friend. They are two years apart and as far as I can tell have always been close. Andrew really looks up to Cary. I can't tell you how many times we've been debating a decision about this or that and Andrew has called for Cary's opinion. Sara is a lot of fun too. And creative!!! That girl could make anything. Jackson and Millie....I miss getting to see them on a regular basis. Jackson is a hoot! Millie is just as sweet as she can be. She celebrated her 1st birthday today. Millie, Uncle Andrew and I wish we could have been there. We love you sweet girl!!

So that's the family! I can't say enough about how much I am truly blessed to have each and everyone one of them as my family.


  1. Awwww...sweetest post. We do love you and are so glad God put you in our family!

  2. Love the family post! It makes me laugh to read that you were scared of me when you were dating Drew! Sara said the same thing. I'm starting to wonder what my brothers said about me to their girlfriends!? HAHA! So thankful God placed you in our family. Love you!