Friday, November 5, 2010

So Far Behind....

I have been so far behind this week. Missing school is hard on a teacher. In fact, I think it much harder to miss work than to be there. I have spent this week getting caught up on the three days I missed last week. That has only served to put me behind on this week.

I'm even behind on my blogging. My Internet decided to quit working this week. So frustrating. It always seems to do that when my IT guy of a husband is one the road. He literally walked in tonight and had it working in about 2 seconds. Love that man!!

Wednesday's challenge over at Katie's blog was to share something we have learned. Hmmm.... What have I learned that is worth sharing. The one thing that comes to mind is something I'm still working to put to practice. Happiness is a choice. I'm the only person that gets to decide if I'm happy or not. No one else gets to determine how I react to any given situation. Life can stink at times, but it is my choice and my choice alone how I respond to the people around me and the circumstances. I can look to anyone else for my happiness. At least not anyone on this Earth.

Thursday's challenge was the iPod Shuffle. We're supposed to put our iPods on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play. I've been looking forward to this challenge. I have a ton of stuff on my iPod and a pretty big variety. I'm curious to see what songs pop up. I'm going to cheat a little. I have three or four versions of the Bible on my iPod. I'm going to skip when those come up and just do the first 10 SONGS that play.

1. Ooh La La by Rod Stewart
2. Take it All by Hillsong United
3. Get Rhythm by Joaquin Phoenix
4. Dive by DC Talk
5. We Belong Together (Tarzan & Jane) by Steven Curtis Chapman
6. Cry for Love by Michael W. Smith
7. Cheers (TV Themes)
8. Perfect Strangers (TV Themes)
9. Every Little Thing by Hawk Nelson
10. El Shaddai by Travis Cottrell

There you have it....Interesting Mix.

I'll finish getting caught up this weekend. The husband is home, but just for the weekend. Our only plans are pictures tomorrow. We are going to take it easy and just rest from our weeks.

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