Sunday, November 7, 2010

Showing My School Spirit

This week is Homecoming Week at School. That means we are dressing up each day.

As Student Council sponsor, I'm responsible for coming up with the dress up days for middle school. Well not really me so much as my kids. I find ideas and then they vote.

However, they don't get a choice on Monday. It is one of my favorite days of the year. Monday is always Get Up & Go Day. That means I get to wear my pjs and houseshoes to school. I LOVE IT!!

Tuesday is Twinkie Day where you and a friend dress alike. I bought a shirt that says something about Twinkies that I'm going to wear. I think two of my coworkers are going to wear the same thing.

Wednesday is Nerd Day. I will be sporting the same outfit as last year. Nothing new here.

I'm struggling with Thursday. It is Celebrity Day. Dress like someone famous. I have NO IDEA what I should do. I would like to come up with something clever that will make my kids think. But I don't want to be someone or something that they will never figure out. Anyone have any ideas? I'm willing to go buy "supplies" but I would like to find something easy & cheap.

As always, Friday is Cardinal Day. I will be wearing school colors.

And don't worry. I will share pictures!

I really enjoy this week. The students love that I dress up and I love that they love it. :)

It's a crazy week though. This week always challenges my classroom management skills, which is a little scary. This year they are already being challenged enough.

Here's to a week of fun!!

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