Sunday, November 7, 2010

LB Squared & Stress

Catching up! I'm going to do yesterday's challenge and today's challenge here in hopes of getting caught up on something.

Yesterday's challenge was all about the pets. My pets are more than just pets. They are my babies. Yesterday we did our annual photo shoot and it was strange to only do a few pictures with them. They have graced every Christmas Card since they came into our family.

Liberty Belle Weaver is our first "child". Her name has a story behind it that you can read all about here. She has been a wild and crazy adventure from day one. She has destroyed walls, carpet, baby gates, pillows, and many other things. And when I say destroy, I mean truly destroy. We had to get rid our our carpet because she ate through one day, foam pad and all.

But I love her! She's my girl. She is my little brown shadow. She never likes to be too far from her Momma. On the rare occasion that Andrew comes homes before me and lets them in, she immediately starts looking for me.

She absolutely hates to ride in the car. It stresses her out. She wants to be in the driver's lap and she spends the entire time panting and shaking like crazy.

She hates to wear clothes, but loves her blanket. We can say, "Lib get your blanket and go to the night night." and she will grab her blanket and go to our bedroom.

She can jump higher than any little dog I've ever seen. She clears the couch no problem. She has jumped from the floor onto the dining room table and even from the floor onto the kitchen counter. She jumped onto the counter because I was sitting on it crying. She doesn't like it when I cry.

She is my back cuddling puppy. We sleep on the same pillow with our backs against each other.

She is absolutely crazy, but I love her.

Liam Bailey is the total opposite. He is so sweet and cuddly. He loves to just come and lay on your chest and bury his little head into your neck. He will cuddle with just about anyone. He loves to make new friends.

He is a dog's dog. He LOVES the car. If I say I'm going bye bye he gets all excited and runs to the front door. He walks out and jumps straight into the car. I roll his window down and he is as happy as he can be. But I leave without him, he is not a happy camper. Andrew says he will cry the entire time I'm gone.

He is a Momma's boy. He is scared of everything. The slightest little sound and he takes off running to his bed. He is our snoring puppy. He sleeps on his bag, paws out in front of him and just snores away. It is so cute.

Liam loves to wear clothes. He comes running whenever I pull out one of his shirts. It is so funny! I think it is because he is a cold nature little dog. He prefers to be cuddled up next to someone or under a blanket.

I love my furbabies! They drive me crazy at times, but I don't know what I would do with out them.

As far as today's challenge goes....being behind, like I am now, is what gets me stressed out. When I feel like my to do list is far longer than what I could ever get done in the allotted time frame gets me stressed out. Paperwork can get me feeling a little overwhelmed. Most of the time I just look at Drew with my long to do list and let him know I'm feeling overwhelmed and that I need his help. He can always tell when I'm to THAT point and he will help me however he can. He's great like that!!

On a totally different note. We finally did pictures yesterday as I mentioned above. I can't wait to see them. I think Uncle Kevin got some good ones. He always does. But, these pictures have been the reason I haven't cut my hair yet. That excuse is gone. Now I have to decide if I'm brave enough, really ready to cut my hair. We shall see!

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