Friday, March 7, 2014

Extractions: The Day After

I woke up this morning after a good night's sleep.  I was pleasantly surprised at just how well I slept.  I was even able to sleep on my side which helped.

I got out of bed and begin to get ready for the day.  I was able to get jeans out of the closet and walk into the kitchen before I got sick.  I felt very nauseous.  I got back in bed and let the feeling pass.  At that point it was time to take more pain meds so I go back up and went back to the kitchen.  

It was at that point I realized I wasn't going to be able to go to work today.  I was really bummed.  Today was the first day school was in session this week and I couldn't go.  I wasn't in any pain, but the meds were making me sick.

I requested a sub and sent my principal a text letting her know I wasn't coming in and then went back to sleep.

Andrew worked in LR today so I was home alone all day.  He brought me breakfast before he left.  I managed to eat a piece of toast and eat a tiny bit of milkshake from Sonic.  It took me thirty minutes to eat the piece of toast.  I still can't really chew in the back of my mouth so I was tearing it into tiny pieces.  I was having to force myself to eat because I was feeling sick the entire time.

I have pretty much slept all day.  Every time I was awake and tried sitting up I felt sick.  

This girl has been right by my side all day.  She can tell I haven't felt well.

Andrew text me this morning to see how I was feeling.  I told him I was just trying not to throw up.  Even though I felt like I would feel better if I did, I was scared of unlodging a blood clot and getting a dry socket.  We decided I would skip my next round of pain meds and see what happened.  

I woke up around four this afternoon feeling much better.  I still don't feel great, but now it is more of a weak from hunger kind of bad.  Eating is a chore.

I tried to eat more mashed potatoes earlier for lunch but it just wasn't happening.  I thought maybe I could eat some chicken nuggets and french fries tonight.  It just sounded good.

I managed to eat 2 nuggets and 4 or 5 fries.  Eating is a lot of work right now.  More trouble than it is worth it seems. I probably could have eaten more but I kept feeling like food was getting stuck in those holes and it was grossing me out.

Maybe I'll try mashed potatoes again later.

I'm going to get tired of mashed potatoes.  I may have to learn to like applesauce.

Several people sent me text messages today checking on me.   Thank you all for those.  

On a completely different note, today is my sweet niece's second birthday.

Happy Birthday Sydney!  Aunt E loves you bunches!!

Before I end this post I want to ask you to join me in prayer.  This morning one of my school's buses was rear-ended by a van.  Our bus driver and students were not harmed thankfully, but one of the people in the van didn't make it.  I don't really know any more details than that.  You can read the news story here

This story breaks my heart.   Please join me in prayer for our students and bus driver, but especially for the family members of the people in the van.  

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