Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day #351,975

It's another snow/ice day at the Weaver house.  All four of are still laying in bed at almost 9:30.  I'll have to get up soon and let the LBs out but right now I'm enjoying the warm comfort of my bed.

Andrew has been sick since yesterday.  I'm thankful the weather will keep him at home today so that he can continue to rest and get better.  I'm not nearly as good of a nurse as he is.  Apparently there is a virus going around disguising itself as the flu.  Not fun!

Laundry is piled high and will easily keep me busy for most of the day.  But in between those loads of laundry I hope to get a little crafting in.  I bought stuff to make a spring wreath for our front door Saturday.  I would like to get that made and do a little organizing in my scrapbook room.

Of course there are also lesson plans to be made and papers to be graded.  It's the never ending story of a teacher.  I've also started to think about next school year and how I will decorate my classroom.  I'm saying goodbye to the owls and moving on to something else.  I'm just not sure what yet.  

-------------------Continued at 5:30----------------------

Well I did get all papers graded and a few loads of laundry done today.  I also watched Friends and Boy Meets World and took a nice long nap.

It's been a great snow day.

Andrew is feeling much better.  Whatever this virus is it doesn't seem to last long.  For that we are thankful.

 I just got the call that tomorrow is another snow day.


  1. As a former school counselor but now stay at home wifey...I still get excited when there are snow days. lol! But I bet you Y:/ I'm very thankful your hubby is feeling better!

    P.S. I love making wreaths. You will have to post yours :)

  2. Glad he is feeling better! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!