Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Highlights

Watching Frozen.

Celebrating Sydney's 2nd birthday.

Golfing with Chris, Cody, & Price.

Girl time with Krystal & Kandace

Family walks in the park


Dinner with family.

New Haircut & Highlights

Celebrating Tyler's 21st birthday

Mid-afternoon naps.  

Quiet afternoons filled with reading

Watching Saving Mr. Banks

Friday night with more family

Cooking lessons from a sweet sister-in-law who never laughs at my ignorance when it comes to the kitchen.

Listening to nieces & nephews run through our home playing and laughing.

More golfing with Chris & girl time with Krystal.


Watching March Madness - even if my bracket was horrible this year.

Extra time together all week long.

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