Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Power Chain, Wire, and Bands Oh My!

I had my second orthodontist appointment this morning where I received three out of my four bands, my top wire, and top power chain.  Sadly, I didn't have my trusty photographer with me today to take pictures of the whole process.  Thankfully Dr. Lay gave me a mirror so I could watch what was happening.  But since I don't have pictures, I thought I'd share my video of how the appointment went.

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  1. Love this video ;)

    This brings back so many memories! The WAX - I totally forgot about that! I can't remember how long it took the insides of my lips to "toughen up" to where I didn't need that much anymore. I know when they would tighten my wires, and after a week or so (usually when it was time to tighten them again) the wires would start to poke in the very back on my mouth and I would need the wax back there until my next appointment :)

    You're doing so great! I hope they get that band fixed.. I KNOW there is nothing worse than mouth pain.

    I LOVE THE FUN COLORS! You can totally change them for the holidays, too - school spirit, too! Have fun with it!