Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

 Not only is it Friday, but Spring Break starts today!!!  

Next weekend we are having a yard sale.  When we moved into our house we acquired A LOT of stuff.  As we were unpacking and organizing I was sorting and pricing items for this yard sale.  Most everything is priced and ready to go.  However, I still need to go through our clothes and a few other things.  My goal is to get rid of A LOT of stuff and maybe even make a little money.

I have my bracket all filled out and I am enjoying March Madness.  I'm excited about our little family competition especially since there are more family members joining in on the fun this year.  To make it even better I'm not the only girl this year.  I have a feeling the boys, who actually know what they are doing, have a good laugh whenever they look at my bracket and who I have winning it all.  Maybe I'll get lucky.  

I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't watched this movie.

I'm watching it over Spring Break.  I'm thinking it a must on my to do list.  

And just because I haven't shared any pictures of my sweet furbabies in entirely too long...

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  1. Hi! Found you through the link up. Your dogs are so cute!! Feel free to check out my blog. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!