Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spacers and Top Brackets

Today was the first of what will be many orthodontist appointments.  

I was actually looking forward to this appointment. 

See. No shirt clenching.  Nice and relaxed.

 The extractions are over.  I'm thinking that was hard part.  Now that it is over I'm ready to get the braces on and start closing these gaps.  Unfortunately Dr. Lay said that closing those gaps was one of the last steps of this long journey.  

The first step today was learning about all the things I can't eat.  Being a picky eater has never come so in handy before.  There wasn't anything on the list today that I'm sad about not eating.  

Then the assistant cleaned my teeth and they pried my mouth open with this crazy blue contraption.

Beautiful huh?

You see a few of my brackets in this picture.  Dr. Lay glued all the top ones on today.  They use this blue light to seal them in place.

It wasn't long and all my top brackets were glued on.

As if I didn't look young enough as it was.  Now there is no way people are going to believe I'm thirty!

The last part of the appointment was a tiny bit painful.  The assistant put four spacers in on bottom and four on top.  They really weren't too bad except one of the top ones hurt when she put it in.  It is basically like a rubber band that goes between my teeth. 

It was a quick and easy appointment. 

I will go back on Monday to get my wire and bands on the top brackets.  My students are  most excited about this.  This is the part where I get to pick a color.  They all have opinion on what color I should get.  I'm torn between something less obvious like silver or a fun color.  

I will also have my spacers removed at this appointment.

Then I will have my third appointment the last Friday of this month.  That is when they will put my bottom brackets and wires on.  Then I will be set for awhile.  

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