Thursday, December 18, 2008

2" Tall

So I'm sitting at my desk today while my 8th graders are taking their semester test. I'm about to get up to do another walk around the room when I hear a phone. Our students are not allowed to have their cell phones on them at school. The law says they can't have them at school at all, but we allow them to bring them as long as they leave them in the office all day. Why half of those kids need their phone I will never know. I understand those that have to stay late for after school activities.

Sorry, I'm getting off track. Okay so I'm about to get up when I hear a phone. It isn't ringing - just sounds like someone got a text. It is very loud so I assume it is at the table right next to me. I immediately let me students know how inappropriate this is. I ask for the phone and of course no one confesses. I send my teacher's aide to get the principal. She comes in, gives the same spill I gave, and ask for the phone. One girl says it wasn't mine that went off, but I do have mine. She hands over her phone to the principal. Principal then tells me that she will let our superintendent know and if I hear the phone again to let her know. 8th graders finish their test and then leave. Next class comes in and it hits me! I didn't turn my phone off this morning and it is in my desk drawer. I take a peek and sure enough I was the guilty party who received the text. (Thanks Jill. J/K) Boy did I feel bad. I was embarassed! Thankfully none of the students realized it was me because they were all gone. As soon as I had a break, I went to apolagize to my principal. She told me not to worry about it no big deal. The scare was good for the kids - which is definitely true because well don't get me started on those stinkin' 8th graders.

So that is my embarassement for the day.


  1. Oh, Elaina, did I get a laugh out of this story. As a MS teacher as well, I can so relate. This story sounds EXACTLY like something that would happen to me as well. And your principal was right--the kids do need a scare like that! I hope you don't stay embarrassed for too long. The kids are none the wiser.

    I am jealous that tomorrow is your last day before break. We still have to go on Monday and Tuesday. We are getting a big snow storm tonight, so MAYBE we won't have school tomorrow. I'd rather have Monday and Tuesday off. :)

    Thanks for your nice post on my blog today. :)

    And thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed it much!

    Hugs, Sara

  2. Now you have me wanting to know how many times my stuff got searched becuz the teach forgot her phone was on lol.

  3. I could never teach 8th grade. The only grade I would ever attempt to teach would be kindergarten/Ist. I am just not wired for teenagers but I admire you for doing it. Kathie

  4. Do any of your students read your blog?