Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Loving Life

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the sweet comments about my teaching. Yesterday and today have turned out to be two very good days! We are working on graphing in both 7th and 8th grade. They need the practice and it is a change of pace for us.

Last night we had our faculty Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. We played dirty santa and had a blast. We enjoy each other's company and actually all like each other. Told you I work with great people. I won this really cute snowman that glows. Here are a couple of pics of it. Liberty wasn't real sure about it. :)

Today, I went over to see my sweet s-i-l Jill. Today is her birthday so I wanted to take her her gift. I didn't plan on staying long as I have more than enough to do here at home tonight. But.... We got to talking and I ended up being over there a couple of hours. That's okay. I really enjoyed our visit. So let me go ahead and give my shout out to one of the sweetest sister in laws EVER. Happy Birthday Jill!!

Now tonight... Andrew and I have lots of cleaning to do and hopefully we will get our tree up. We have homegroup at our house tomorrow so we have to get things in order. We may not get ornaments on tonight, but we need to at least get the tree and lights up. I can't believe it is almost a week after Thanksgiving and my tree still isn't up. We've just taken our sweet time this year.

One last thing before I go... I told you about my Student Council members and I decorating a POD for Channel 11's Stuff the Sleigh. We have been collecting toys for the past couple of weeks. I've been really touched by my kiddos as they bring in gifts. They are so sweet. Anyways, Tom Brannon from Channel 11 called the teacher helping me yesterday and said while it isn't official it looks like we are going to win the creativity/best decorated award for middle school. We are estactic!!! I think they will announce the winner Friday morning. So for those of you local, you should check it out. Listen for Harmony Grove to win big!!

Love you all. I'm off to work on the house and tree now.


  1. I LOVE my gift and I loved the time we had to visit. Thank you for stopping was a wonderful surprise!

    I'm so excited that you guys are going to win!! I didn't get my gift to you yet. :( Deadline is tomorrow, right? It totally slipped my mind until I just read this on your blog, again. If there is still time, let me know and I'll get something tomorrow, k?

    Love you!

  2. Congrats! I can tell you have a very enthusiastic spirit whether it is decorating a pod or a tree at home. You live life to the fullest and that is a gift and your blog is a gift. Blessings to you!Kathie

  3. Your POD looked awesome - you should win - hands down!!

    Good luck getting your tree up! That is always something fun to do!

  4. OMG I can not belive i forgot Stuff the Sleigh this year. It and Toys for Tots are my 2 things i do every year. I love your header. After see all the cute things you and Jill do i broke down and did my own. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.