Monday, March 29, 2010

The Jeans

I didn't plan on dedicating an entire post to jeans, but since you all asked....

For reasons unknown to me, I seem to be the kind of girl who can't own more than two or three pair of jeans at a time. I feel like I'm constantly saying that I only have one pair of jeans. And not just one pair that I like, but one pair of jeans. Period.

Last year I bought a pair of American Eagle jeans at a second hand shop while visiting my mother in law. I LOVED these jeans. They were so comfortable and the perfect color. I could dress them up or just wear them with a t-shirt. For awhile, they were the only pair of jeans I wore. That was fine because I pretty much only wear jeans on Friday and Saturday. About a month ago they started to get a little thin on the thighs so I decided it was time to buy a new pair.

I do not like to spend money on jeans. I'm sure if I were willing to spend a little more, my jeans would last a little longer, but oh well. A little over a month ago I picked up a pair of jeans at Old Navy for $20. They are okay. They are really lighter than I prefer and they are a little big in the waist. They pooch out in the front when I sit down. They only work with long t-shirts.

In the past week my American Eagle jeans finally gave way to a small hole. Friday I was ironing them and hit the hole with the iron making it much bigger. I will still wear them, but they aren't exactly appropriate for school anymore. :(

So... for the past week I've been shopping for jeans. I looked online for the most part but finally started shopping in stores Saturday.

Here's the problem with me and jeans. For the most part I still wear clothes out of the juniors section. 99% of jeans in the juniors section are either skinny legs or have holes all in them or both. Not what I wanted. Oh and the other option apparently looks like this...

Now I like pink, but come on. I did think about buying them just to see what the husband would say. :)

My other gripe is that I wear a different size in EVERY store. Why can't they just make our pants like guys. Go by waist size so that I can wear the same stinkin' size no matter what the brand. Normally I wear between a 2 and a 4, but I went in one store and had to move up to a size 7 before I could even get them buttoned. That's just crazy.

I shopped about 4 hours Saturday with no luck. Sunday the husband agreed to go to the mall with me. Poor guy had no idea!

We went in every store that sold pants. I tried on any and everything in my size. Nothing was working. He decided we should go in Dillard's. That lasted all of about two seconds. The first pair of jeans he picked up were $155. We left Dillards. :)

I just wanted to go to American Eagle and pray they had a pair exactly like the ones I had. However, Aeropostale was next in line on the mall loop. I really didn't think I would have any luck finding "grown up" pants here. I was almost in tears. I completely understood how the people on What Not To Wear could have breakdowns while shopping. I was almost there myself.

I mean I knew exactly what I wanted, I just couldn't find it. So we're in Aeropostale and the husband handed me two pair of jeans and told me to try them on. Note* He does an excellent job of picking out my clothes.

I went in to try these pants on knowing they wouldn't fit or that I wouldn't like them. The first pair fit. I did a happy dance. I tried on the second pair. They fit. I did a bigger happy dance.

Now I just have to take them to be hemmed, but that's not a big deal. So glad to have jeans again!!


  1. My mom totally buys her jeans at Aeropostale.... I'll definitely have to check them out. Those are two cute pairs. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Elaina Ann, I had to come over and check out your blog since I am on your blogroll! And I'm glad I did...what a cute blog you have !

    I agree with you on the jeans problems! I hate looking for the right size! I bought my favorite jeans (Anne Klein) in Dallas last year at a going-out-of-business sale for $20! They are the best I have ever I have to be careful and not wear them out!!!

    Love your blog!

  3. I totally know what you mean about the jeans problem! I feel like none of my jeans ever fit right. I'll try on tons and tons of them and none of them are ever nice enough to buy...until I get so frustrated that I just buy a pair that doesn't fit perfectly. Then every time I put them on, I get pissed that I bought them! GRRR!! I also only fit better into juniors so I have a hard time finding anything that looks mature enough. No pink jeans for me either!