Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weekend

Something about not going to work today makes posting about my weekend feel a little strange. It doesn't feel like it's over yet, but I guess by definition, it is over.

Friday night involved a relaxing evening at home with the husband. We had considered going to Winter Jam, but ended up not going. I was feeling 100% and he had to work late. By the time we had gotten there, we would have been in the nose bleed section. We decided to take front row seats in our bed to March Madness instead.

I realized Friday night that I've never really watched March Madness before. I know what it is and I watch the final game or so, but I've never watched it this early on. I never realized that all these teams are playing all at the same time. It is totally designed for men. I would get into a game and then the TV would take away that game and give me a different one. I mean seriously. You don't even have to lift the remote to channel surf. Very frustrating to a girl like me who hates channel surfing.

And the commercials. I don't watch commercials anymore thanks to this wonderful little invention called DVR. Commercials are just stupid these days. AWFUL!!


Saturday was a beautiful day! Andrew spent the morning working on the gate to our fence. It was in pretty bad shape and we have been fearful of escape from the insider (Liberty Belle). While he did this, I ventured out to Kirklands and Old Navy for something for spring.

I wanted this from Kirklands They didn't have any. Not they didn't have any W's. They didn't have any flags at all.

I wanted this from Old Navy

It didn't fit.

A little bummed, I headed home to see how things were going with the husband. Thankfully, he had much better luck with the fence. After lunch and a bit of rest, it was off to the garage to work on my desk. He hasn't worked on it in a little over a month, but we made some good progress Saturday. It is so close to being finished. Look at what a monstrosity he is building for me.

Just for comparison, here is a shot of me laying on the desk. :)

Sunday we slept in and then got ready for some more shopping. Andrew wanted to go look at tents and sleeping bags for his 3 day bike trip he is planning. I wanted to go check out the scrapbook section at Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday Morning turned out to be a great stop. Andrew found two sleeping bags that only weight 1.9 pounds for $20 each. Light weight is important because he will be carrying them while riding a bicycle. Of course, he had to try them out when we got home. It was too funny to not take a picture. Liberty & Liam loved this sleeping bag because they could kiss all over Daddy. :)

I found an 18X24 cutting mat for my new scrapbooking desk. It was a steal for $9. Love it. Also bought a chipboard album and some paper.

Sunday night we went to Journey Church. Tonight was Cary and Sara's last night. They are moving to Missouri to pastor a church there. After church we all went to U.S. Pizza to say good bye. We don't spend just a ton of time with them now that we aren't at Journey, but I'm sure going to miss them. They are definitely some of our favorite people. Here are just a few pictures from the night. There will be more to come later.


  1. That desk is HUGE!! I love that pic of my baby girl - sweet thing! :)

  2. Wow! I love your desk! It's huge! Perfect for scrapbooking. ;)

  3. sounds like a great weekend. your desk is looking great!