Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teaching Your Own

The other day, Kelly at Kelly's Korner wrote on her blog that she was an expert at parenting before she had her little girl, Harper. This has got me to thinking. I'm afraid I must admit that I am guilty of being an expert as well.

Someday Andrew and I will have babies (God willing). And Someday those babies will be in school. As far as we can see right now, our kids will attend the same school where I teach. Though it isn't a perfect school, it's a great one in my opinion.

As of right now I am the only 7th grade Science teacher at HGMS. So unless something changes, some day my own children will be in my classroom. I think often about how I will handle that.

Being a teacher's kid is sort of what it's like to be a preacher's kid. Or at least that is what I compare it to. I am not a preacher's kid, only a preacher's kid-in-law. :) They are always in the spotlight. If a teacher's kid makes a good grade or wins a contest all the other students say it's because of his or her mom or dad. Of course this is not always the case. But, it is the case sometimes. I know that I have been guilty of such things so I'm not trying to sound mighty pompous about this. I'm just making observations.

There are definitely some teaching parents who give their children and their children's friends special privileges. I look at them and think to myself that I would never all my child to do that just because I was a teacher. Or I would never ask for that just because I'm a teacher and my child goes here.

But what do I know. I have no children yet. I think that is going to be a big challenge for both me and my children someday.

Are any of you teachers who have taught your own children? How did it go for you? Any pointers?

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