Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just a few thoughts

** I absolutely love coming home. I have the best welcome committee EVER!! These two always run as fast as they can to get to me when I get home. They jump up and down and give lots of kisses. They know how to make a girl feel loved. They understand loving unconditionally like I only wish I could. Especially Miss Liberty Belle. She can always sense when I'm upset and she will not leave my side. LOVE IT!!

**I know I shouldn't wish my life away but I am soooo ready for this week to be over and it is taking forever. I knew it would. Next week is Spring Break. I have no real big plans other than resting, doing some school work, and getting ready for my big yard sale. I'll admit I'm mainly looking forward to sleeping in. Why can't school start at 9?

**This year has flown by. I have the absolute best group of 7th graders this year. I might actually cry when I have to say goodbye in June. I want to keep them.

**I'm praying about a big decision at work. Teaching something different. I'm really not leaning one way or another right now, just praying.

**My sweet husband wants to take our oldest nephew and ride bicycles across the state of Iowa at the end of July. Due to workshops, I won't be able to go. I'm fine with this other than I'm missing a great scrapbook opportunity. Maybe he can figure out to take his picture while riding. :)


  1. You will miss those 7th graders even more when you get your new group LOL!!! So what are you thinking about teaching next year instead of 7th grade History and Science?

    School doesn't start at 9 because then we would have to go til 4:18!!! When you have little ones in the house sleeping in will be a thing of the past anyways LOL!!!!
    Good luck with your upcoming big decision.

  2. I'll help you pray about your school decision. :)

    I like my class this year too. I always miss my kids from the year before during the first week of school. I may miss these ones a little longer though.

    I hear you on craving spring break. I am starting to do so too. Mine isn't for a few more weeks.