Sunday, April 18, 2010

God is good!

Can I just say that this past week, despite my exhaustion and frustration, has been one of the best weeks I've had in a long time.

My relationship with God the past few days has been just that... a relationship. I have found myself mediating on His Word and just praying without ceasing.

Although I know how mighty and wonderful my God is, I've still been amazed this week by him. Friday I woke up with just an awful attitude. The husband was gone on business again and I had a full morning of benchmark ahead of me. I just wanted to skip the day and move on to Saturday. As I walking around my room after getting the students started on their first test of the day, I walked over to my desk and read the scripture for the day off of my calendar. I cannot remember the exact verse, but it said Worthy is the Lamb.

Before I had even finished reading it, God was speaking to me. My attitude was awful and He is most definitely worth my best. Honestly, within seconds my attitude did a 180. It was all I could do to not lose it in praise in front of my kids while they were testing.


Whenever I'm in my car, I listen to KLOVE on the radio. This week they have been having their spring pledge drive. I hate when they do this. There is less music and more talking about how they need money. Normally I listen to my ipod or a cd while they have pledge drive. I didn't do that this week. Instead I found myself listening and crying and just praising God for his love, his goodness, and his grace. I don't know how many times I've said AMEN to something they said this week. I'm sure if you have past me on the road this week you thought I was a lunatic. I've literally just been crying and raising one hand to God all week. (I kept the other hand on the steering wheel)

It's just been one of these weeks that has been wonderful, but if you asked me specifically why, I don't know what to tell you. My only answer is God and unless you have experienced the pure peace and joy that comes from the Lord then I'm not sure you can know what I mean.

Andrew and I did not get up and go to church this morning. I can tell you that it was because he was exhausted from being out of town, but that's just an excuse. We just didn't go and I have felt lost all day. I've just wanted to be with other Christians and praise God today.

Even without church, I was able to do that a little. We spent the afternoon with family celebrating birthdays. Andrew's sister, Joy, and her husband, Gerry, are two people that I love to spend time with. They are fun to be around, but more than that they are the kind of people who exude a love for God. Every time I'm around them, I leave filling refreshed. I leave having a desire to deepen my relationship with God. I hope that someday I can be for someone else what they are for me. Joy and Gerry, if you are reading... Thank you so much for being godly examples. You are both such a huge blessing to me.

I pray that the love of God would continue to fill me up and overflow onto those around me.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. " Psalm 136:1

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