Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Momma, Birthdays, & Shrubs

Next to the husband, my momma is my very best friend. I talk to her almost every day either on the phone, through text, or email. During a mammogram a few weeks ago, they found a lump. They determined that it was calcium build up but then decided they wanted to do a biopsy just to be sure. When Mom called and said they wanted to do a biopsy, I immediately started crying and praying. I went back and forth between having complete faith that everything would be okay and playing the what if game. I found myself praying for God to help me with my unfaith. And He did. I had my short crying spell and then I didn't worry for the rest of the week. That is out of character for me. I'm usually such a worrywart.

They scheduled her mammogram for this past Monday. I took off work to drive up and be with her. It only took them about an hour to do the biopsy but she lost a lot of blood so she had to stick around for another hour. We just sat in the waiting room and visited. My Daddy, Mommom, Aunt Tammy, and a friend of Mom's from church were there. They checked her vitals after an hour, told her she was fine, and sent us on our way. We went to lunch and enjoyed some more visiting.

She got results yesterday and today. They didn't think they looked at a large enough sample the first time so looked again today. The lump is benign! Praise be to God!!! I am so very thankful.

Now on to the birthdays... Saturday was Liam Bailey's birthday as you all know. I decided to load him up in the car and head to Petco for a new shirt. This little guy absolutely loves to go bye bye!! I can't even begin to tell you how loud his shrill of a bark is if you leave him here and leave.

So we get to Petco and the nice young lady working there hands me a flyer and lets me know there is a photographer in the store and I can get a free 8x10 of Liam Bailey. I say thanks and think to myself there is no way. I'm not paying for pictures of my dog. You all know that I take enough pictures of my dog. However, she apparently went and told the photographer about us, because no sooner than she had left, here he come.

Poor Liam Bailey. This guy tried for what felt like 30 minutes to get a decent picture of Liam. Liam was tired and having nothing to do with it. He had no desire to sit and have his picture made. However, he did decide to pee all over the place. :) Love my boy. The guy finally decided to just take a picture of Liam and ME! So now I'm posing with my dog in the middle of Petco for this guy. CRAZY!!

I picked out my one free 8x10 and turned down the $280 package the guy offered me. That's right people! $280 for a picture of my dog. I'm sorry, but that is absurd. And you all know how much I love my babies.

Monday I woke up with a head cold. I couldn't breathe or hear very well as my whole head was stopped up. By the time I made it home from being with Momma, I was running a fever and feeling awful. Thankfully I married a great guy!! He drugged me up with some NyQuil, gave me my heating pad, and put me to bed. While I was half asleep he apparently (I don't remember) came in and asked if I was okay with him digging up the shrubs in front of our home. Apparently I told him to go for it. Now this is something that we've been talking about for a couple of years now and I'm okay that he did, but that man should know not to ask me those kind of things after giving me NyQuil.

Either way I woke up the next morning to find this....

A bunch of dirt.

Now we are trying to decide what to put in place of the old shrubs. Any suggestions? To be honest, neither one of us really know what we are doing. Right now we are thinking about azaleas in the back and then some sort of colorful flowers in the front. We need something easy to plant and that will require little to no maintenance.

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