Sunday, April 4, 2010

My First Award & April Fool's Day

I received my first ever blog award from Chelsey over at Scrap Happy. I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me that you might not already know and then I pass this award onto 7 of you. So here we go!

Seven Things About Me You Might Not Know.....
1. I used to have my nose pierced.
2. I prefer my ice cream in a cone.
3. When I was in Kindergarten, I rode in a car with a complete stranger. Glad he was a nice man.
4. I get homesick easily.
5. I do not like to sleep near a window or with my closet door open.
6. I am not a morning person.
7. When I was younger I used to imagine my name being Elaina Weaver (you know how girls are) and I didn't even know who Andrew was... another Weaver boy who isn't related to us.

I love all the blogs on my blog role. There is no way I could choose just 7 of you. Consider yourself all rewarded.

As you all know Thursday was April 1st, or better known as April Fool's Day. I arrived at school just before the first bell rang Thursday morning to find a little surprise.

I barely cracked my door open since my hands were full. At first I thought the cleaning staff found a new and strange cleaning method. But then I opened the door a little further and found this...

My desk chair was on top of a table as well. The prankster had written Happy April Fool's Day on my board. I just busted out laughing. It was exactly what I needed that particular morning. My first period class came in a few minutes later and then put it all back to normal without even being asked. :)

These are the jokes I like, funny and harmless.

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