Friday, April 30, 2010

Gardening 101

Last Friday night, the husband and I went to Lowe's to scope out their shrubs and flowers. After much deliberation, we purchased 9 azaleas.

Saturday was a beautiful day so we went to work.

And I do mean work. The first couple of hours was spent "playing" in the dirt. I decided very early on that I do not enjoy gardening. It is not my cup of tea.

If you look closely at the above picture you will notice a certain little girl watching out the window.

Working around this tree didn't help matters any.

Despite what these pictures show, I worked too. Although I will admit that the husband worked much harder than I did. Either way we were both a little sore come Sunday. But it was worth it, because now we have these beautiful azaleas. I LOVE THEM!


  1. Good job! Azaleas are beautiful!

  2. your azelas look great! I remember when we dug up our first flower garden. Just yesterday, i was outside noticing how huge my plants are after growing for 4 years. You will enjoy these plants for so long and all the work will be worth it. i will be really sad to leave mine when we move. Love that picture of andrew under the tree! too funny!