Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Past Weekend

Wednesday night the husband got a phone call from his boss. He needed to be in Springfield by 8AM Thursday morning. The husband doesn't even come close to being a morning person so he decided to go ahead and leave Wednesday night. The furbabies and I were home alone Wednesday night and Thursday night. The husband was able to come back home Friday and made it here around 7PM that evening. I think his babies missed him.

Saturday we kept our niece Kandace all day. She wasn't real sure about staying with us when her Mommy left, but she got over it pretty quickly. We loaded her up and headed to Lowe's & Target. She is such a good little shopper. I've never seen a kid like to go as much as she does.

After our shopping trip we were all ready for a nap. She and I passed out on the couch and Uncle Andrew snapped a picture. I promise she didn't nap like that the entire time. :)

Sunday we decided to visit All Points, a small home church that Andrew's sister and her family go to. I enjoyed it so much. The Holy Spirit was most definitely present. The message definitely hit home with me, which I wrote about in the post below.

After church and lunch, Andrew and I went bike shopping. I've been wanting one for awhile, but he doesn't approve of any of the ones I like. Well we finally hit jackpot yesterday.

I have a brand new bicycle.

I have ridden every afternoon this week and I love it!! I'm no where near ready for the 20 miles that my husband nephew consider an easy ride, but I'm enjoying it none the less.