Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've lost it.

On my blogging inspiration that is. I feel like all I've done lately are surveys and tags. Well let me warn you now, this post is no different. Rhonda tagged everyone she knows :) to list 25 random things about themselves. So, let's see if I can come up with 25.

1. I'm a nail biter. I think I quit for maybe a couple of weeks one time, but I just can't seem to break the bad habit.

2. My food cannot touch! Each food has its on special place on my plate and needs to stay there.

3. This one is a tab bit gross and probably too TMI, but clean shaven legs is a rarity in my life. No one sees them so why should I go through the trouble?

4. I have never been comfortable in any swimsuit.

5. I like Hannah Montanna - the show & music

6. I absolutely love being my husband's wife and the mommy to two very sweet furbabies.

7. I am hoping to be teaching something other than 7th and 8th grade science next year.

8. In March, I am going to visit Washington D.C. for the first time even though my sweet hubby is probably going to have to drug & drag me to get me on that plane.

9. In little over the year, I will be gaining a VERY sweet sister-in-law. I cannot wait.

10. I intend to never lay another piece of hardwood floor for as long as I live.

11. I am willing to drive several miles for Dairy Queen.

12. After only five short years of marriage, I no longer fit into my wedding dress.

13. I do not like crowds. They are right up there with the dentist.

14. I love roller coasters.

15. There are only two things in my life that I truly regret. This is probably due to the fact that I'm a big chicken and am not at all a risk taker.

16. Four to Six - that's the number of children I think I would like to have.

17. Cheese is the only "condiment" I eat.

18. My wardrobe is primarily t-shirts and jeans, but I so wish I was more hip.

19. In high school I was a band geek - played clarinet.

20. I do not go long periods without talking to my mom. I try to talk to her at least once a day either by phone or by email.

21. Texting is definitely better than calling.

22. In high school, I was voted least likely to "do" anything with a boy by the boys in our class. I was very proud of this honor.

23. In elementary, I got in BIG trouble for selling homemade stickers at school.

24. I played a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz in high school.

25. I actually enjoy doing surveys like this.

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  1. I am in a bit of a slump too. Trying to think outside of the box a little. Weren't you suppose to do another simple life, those are really good!