Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Night = Family Night

Last night, Andrew and I got together with my parents, brother, and brother's fiance to celebrate my daddy's birthday. His birthday was actually the 11th, but last night was the first night our schedules allowed us to get together. After much debate, we finally ended up eating at Famous Dave's. It is a bbq joint. Mom and Dad had in South Dakota and really liked it. The rest of us had never eaten there before. It was very yummy. Just take a look @ this food.

After stuffing ourselves full and leaving with three good size doggy bags, we headed to Academy Sports and then to Target. Seth & Ashlee are looking for a new tent. Axel, my mom's chocolate lab, ate theirs. We had a good time out shopping. I finally got to see Ashlee's engagement ring, but didn't think to take pictures of it. Here are a few pics I took while we were eating and shopping.

Seth & Ashlee

Me and the husband

Daddy and Drew

Me & Momma

Daddy opening his present

We got him a new pair of crocs & a Wii game

Me and my Daddy

My and the little bro'

While at Target, I found and purchased a new t-shirt for Liam Bailey. Andrew says it is mean, but it makes me laugh so... Here is a few pictures of the little guy.

The shirt says "I forgot my pants"

I always feel a little guilty about buying Liam clothes, because Liberty never gets a new outfit. She just doesn't like to wear clothes. But of course I give her plenty of lovin' too!!

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