Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bads & The Goods

Yuck. That is just how I feel today. Not a sick yuck, just a funk kind of yuck. The state department came today to inspect our school just because it was time for another inspection. I worked all night last night and got up early this morning to work on things for that sole purpose. They came and we got good reports and now it is over. But I have parent teacher conferences tomorrow so I have a ton of grading to do to get ready for that. For the past three days - by the end of the day I have a tooth that is killing me. It causes me to have horrible headaches - I have one now. Andrew had a dentist appointment today. He has to have his wisdom teeth removed immediately. Not good - I feel bad for him because I've heard that hurts. I can't stay home and take care of him. We can't really afford for him to miss work. And I just don't want my hubby to have to endure that pain.

The goods for the day. I'm out Friday and Monday so I get a four day weekend. I had an awesome conversation with another teacher today about church and all sorts of things. I think she might visit Journey soon. We have movie night tonight at Journey and get to watch Fireproof which is a great movie.


  1. Great picture for weaver world. It's the one from SD.

    your cus

  2. Ahhh I know the funky feeling all too well as it has been my companion for a few weeks now. I'm coming out of it though. Go get that tooth fixed girl... yucko! I hope you enjoy your weekend and that the funk goes away!


  3. I bet it would help your funk to get your tooth fixed...tooth pain is the worst. :( I can help take care of Drew while you're at work...come give him his meds, change out the gauze, etc. It's important to keep him totally knocked out, as much as possible. That's what Joy did for me. Don't let his pain meds wear off. When does he have it done?

    Feel better you!