Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching Up...

1. This week has been awesome. Sunday's message is still with me and oh what a difference it is making in my week. I have been in such an awesome mood all week. Home group last night was great!! I've been looking forward to it and the get together did not let me down. We had good conversation with friends and some good Bible study. Winburns - I love ya! School has been really good this week too.

2. If you didn't see the comments Andrew left on my last post - He has changed his appointment to April 17th. He didn't realize he scheduled it for Easter weekend and he doesn't want to risk missing Easter Sunday at church. Also, he is only have three wisdom teeth pulled instead of all four. His change of date presents me with a decision to make. I'm not out of school on the 17th like I am on the 10th. I definitely want to go with him even though there are other people who could drive him and not miss work. The doctor told him he would be on his way home by 10:30ish. So my decision is whether or not I will take off all day or just half a day. I figure he will be knocked out all afternoon and won't really need me. But, I worry about if he does need me. I know Jill and Joy can both be here pretty quickly. I have time before I have to decide.

3. It's official. Andrew bought our plane tickets for DC yesterday. I am not real pleased with how he paid for them, but oh well. Thanks Mom and Dad Weaver. :) Having plane tickets makes it real. It's like now we can't change our minds. I am so excited. It makes me nervous too though. I'm still not real keen on this whole flying thing. I'm praying now for me and for the pilot. :)

4. I feel like I haven't blogged about my furbabies in awhile. Just so you know Liberty & Liam are doing well. They've enjoyed this beautiful weather the past few days. Liberty did something pretty amazing on Valentine's Day. She went from sitting on the kitchen floor to being on the kitchen counter. I was sitting on the counter crying and she knew she needed to be with her mommy so up she came. :) She got everything but her back legs onto the counter. We were impressed but home she doesn't make a habit out of jumping on the kitchen counter.

That's about it. That is all I'm thinking at the moment. I'll let you know if any other thoughts pop into my head. :)

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