Monday, February 16, 2009

Help the Inept

Okay ladies, I need your help here. Jill I'm especially talking to you because I know you are good at this. :)

My m-i-l got me this cool centerpiece for my dining room table for Christmas. I have yet to use because I cannot decide what to put in there. Obviously I could some candles but BORING. I want to do something a little more colorful and creative. But it also has to be SUPER cheap. Any ideas???


  1. Are the votive holders only as deep as what they look in the pic...where the copper begins and the glass ends, is that the bottom or do they go deeper?

    I like putting colorful candy (that goes with the current season/holiday) out. You could do that. Or if the are deep, you could put a different color single stem gerbera coming out of each one.

    I'll continue to think on it!


  2. They are only as deep as they look. I thought about doing candy - I also do candy. I also thought about some sort of beads maybe??

  3. Ok girl! I love that piece! You can always use different things in it. Like maybe a couple of candles, some candy and maybe some fresh flowers (something not too tall). Kind of combine all the ideas you've had so far! Also, if you don't want to use in in the dining room, you can use it as sort of a desk organizer - and put paper clips, pencils, etc. in the little jars. Just another thought. Make sure you show us what you come up with!


  4. i like the desk organizer idea. Unfortunately, I am not good at things like this. Good luck and please post what you do with it. It is really beautiful.

  5. What about the pretty color stones? You can even get them at Dollar Tree and Walmart has pretty ones. Kathie