Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TV Star

I had a workshop in Arkadelphia today which I was looking forward to. These workshops are always the best. We play, laugh, eat good food, and just have a fun time. And I always walk away with a ton of GOOD, cheap, and easy activities to do with my kids.

Anyways, I wore my student council t-shirt today - you know the one I wore for my tv debut for Breakfast with Tom. Well I had my jacket on most of the morning, but as soon as I took it off the lady sitting across from me says I knew I knew you. You were on Channell 11 with Tom weren't you? I said yes. She said she thought I looked familiar and as soon as she saw my shirt, she knew why. Our shirts are unmistakable. They say "We're Tight Like Spandex".

I'm just glad I'm not really a TV star that gets reconginzed all the time. :)

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