Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not for me

I just made a couple of very sad attempts at a birthday card for my brother-in-law. I see all these beautiful cards people make and wish I could do that. It is just scrapbooking right? Well if it is then I'm not so great at scrapbooking either. After two attempts I gave up and said, Sorry Cary but not card. Mine all look like a little kid made them or they should go to a little kid. What is the secret? Why is this so complicated for me?


  1. I am with you! I am not too good with the cards too although I keep practicing. Cards are so expensive. I made some for Christmas but I thought some of them looked my my granddaughters could have done better. I have done some really good ones with stamps. I do very well with scrapbooking but the cards-not too good! Blessings, Kathie

  2. It is so hard forme to come up with an original idea for a card, but I look at a lot online and copy them. Creative Memories has a ton in their Project Center and I copy ALOT of those! I just made a ton of Valentine's Day cards this weekend that I will be posting over the next few days. Mine are not nearly as elaborate as some other folks, but they are quick and easy, but look really nice. There is no shame in copying! :)