Thursday, February 12, 2009

A few thoughts

Just got home from parent teacher conferences. They actually went pretty well. I have a feeling I'm going to see a change in a few students come Tuesday. That is the other great!! I have a four day weekend. Woohoo. We always get the day after P/T conferences off since we are at school so late. And Monday is president's day so another day off.

I plan to be incredibly lazy tomorrow and just enjoy my day off. I have two movies that I want to watch: Mama Mia & The Express. I also hope to get some scrapbooking done. This would be much easier if my scrapbook room were back together. That's a hint to you babe if you are reading this.

Oh and J was back at school today! He seemed to be really happy. I did not get to talk to him alone to find out about his "vacation". I heard that things were rough while he was there. He did tell me that they are talking about sending him to a facility in Tennessee and if they do it will be long term, which according to J means a year. My 5th period class was awesome today. All the girls needed a hug from him and all the guys needed a high five. They were so excited to have him back. At the end of class, they all wanted me to take their picture with him. By the end of class he was sad because he doesn't want to leave us all for a year. I think the kids are going to make him a scrapbook. Aren't they just too sweet?! Great kids.

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  1. is the place in TEnn in memphis? It is most likely CIC (compuss intervintin center) I was there for a few months and it turned my life around. The good news for him is No1 stays a whole year if he gets in there and works it he will be home in no time. Ill be prayin for him I know how hard that can be to deal with. If he goes and you wanna help him survive You can do what one of my teachers did. Give him a journal and have him write to you in it every day. Even if it is just what he ate. Then read it and give it back. That helped me so much I still cry when I reread that. I can see the change I went though in those few months. Wow I got really deep and personal in this lol.