Wednesday, March 4, 2009

15 Days & Counting

Only 15 days until I am forced my sweet husband to board a plane. And I do mean forced. I'm very nervous and a bit terrified about this whole flying things. I have barely shared this fear with my husband and he think I'm irrational and crazy. He flys like it is no big deal. I'm scared though. I'm just thankful for two things about this flight. 1. I get to sit beside my husband (apparently if we went with any other airline, this wouldn't be possible) and 2. It is one flight. No stopping and having to board another plane. I just don't think I could handle that.

Other than the whole flying thing, I am super excited about DC. We still don't have confirmations on our tours of the White House or Pentagon. Hopefully we will get those within the week. I am looking forward to being a tourist for a week. I hope my camera is prepared because it is about to get the biggest workout of its life. :) Our list of things to see is forever long and I want bore you with it. Just know that if it is in DC, there is a VERY good chance that is on our list. :)

If any of you has ever been to DC and have a great restaurant to recommend, please do. Just know it must have chicken strips or cheese burgers on the menu. I eat like a kid. :)


  1. I have never been to DC but have always wanted to go. I can't wait to hear about your trip! And I'll be praying for you and the flights... I love flying but I can totally get how it can freak people out!


  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing pics. I think we will want to plan a trip, once we hear about how much fun it is! We've both been, but never together.

    Maybe you should take something to ease your nerves on the flight...a lot of people do that. Just an you can enjoy it or at least tolerate it. :)


  3. You know we went to this Restaurant that was suppose to be so great (cannot remember the name). It is a high end place. We went there because it was one of President Clintons favorite hangout, they had him his special room in the back where only he and his entourage ate. Anyway we went and our meal if you want to call it that was like $120 bucks for just the two of us and it was like a tablespoon full of each thing. We were starving when we left. We went back to the Hotel and ate cheeseburgers and fries. Just ask locals when you get there is my best advice. Blessings!