Sunday, March 22, 2009

DC Day #4: Life & Death

We slept in this morning in attempt to recuperate from yesterday. It worked to some extent. We knew today was supposed to beautiful and oh my gosh was it!!.

We started with Arlington National Cemetery. As soon as we got there, we found Grace Murray Hopper's grave. This is a woman that my 8th graders just finished researching so they were excited that I was going to be here and visit her grave. From there we went to the tomb of the unknown and watched the changing of the guard. This was very awesome. They did a couple of wreath changes too.

We then walked over to JFK and RFK. Both very cool. I learned that JFK had a son that only lived two days and a daughter that was stillborn. Never knew that before. Then it was off to find Taft's grave. Took a little bit, but we finally found it.

As were standing there honoring all these great Americans whose lives are gone we got The Call!! The call we've been praying for. The call I had hoped of getting while on this trip. The one I dreamed about. While we were honoring death, Jill, Andrew's sister, called to tell us about Life!!!! She and Alex are expecting!!! We jumped and hollered and cried and celebrated. I'm sure people walking around that cemetery thought we were nuts. God is so incredibly good!! And so you get a picture today. One single picture. We want Jill to see just how excited we are.

Sister, we love you and are so incredibly happy for you and Alex. I know you told Drew not to post the news, but I read your blog and am hoping it is okay that I have said all this. :)

After we left Arlington, we headed for lunch. Today we ate a popular place here called Potbelly. They have toasted sandwiches which were amazing.

We went to the Holocaust Museum after lunch. Again celebrating past lives. This was a very somber but good experience. It is very hard to imagine that that sort of treatment is real and was done to innocent people.

Then it was time to do something I had never done before. We rented a paddle boat. Lots of work, but oh my goodness it was fun. And it was just the perfect day to do this. It has been gorgeous outside. We paddled out in the tidal basin and got more great pics of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

We are now back at the condo resting. Our plans are to eat dinner and then go back to Arlington to see the Marine Memorial. Drew says it is cool at night. Then it will be back home because we are going to be in line @ 5:30 tomorrow morning so we can see how money is made.


  1. Your picture made me and Alex cry. You guys are too sweet. Thank you for being so excited with us!!

    We love you guys!

  2. The only place we missed on our trip to WA that was on our list was Arlington. Cant wait to go back and see it. You two sound like you are having a blast. So glad the weather is good. Love reading about your experience. I love the pic that shows ya'll so excited about the baby news. Congrats!

  3. I am enjoying your blog - so glad you two are having a great adventure! I knew Andrew would love it, but I am glad to know you are enjoying it all too, Elaina. Can't wait to see the pictures. The dog story is priceless.
    Love you! Mom (Weaver)

  4. I know we all would love to share our "baby bubp time" with you. I really do think its the water becuz it seems like if one person at JC is expecting severl ppl are

  5. So excited for Jill and Alex! Love the pic too! You are getting to see everything in DC - so awesome! Did you plan out everything yourself or did you hire a travel agent? I have been 5 or 6 times, but have not seen nearly as many things as you have!