Saturday, March 21, 2009

DC Day #3

Oh my gosh! I just thought we did a lot of walking yesterday. Today, we definitely walk so much more.

We started our morning by arriving at the Washington Monument to stand in line @ 7 AM for tickets. It was COLD outside!!!! I do not enjoy standing outside in the cold for an hour and half, let me just tell you. At 8, they opened and we got our tickets and then headed to the Smithsonian Institute, AKA The Castle. Here we had a short tour that was very interesting and educational. Learned a lot.

The Washington Monument

This is me. I told you it was cold outside. :)

I found a steam vent to warm up on. It was my best friend for about 5 minutes.

After The Castle we went back to the National Museum of American History and toured the president exhibit. That was pretty cool. Then it was time to head to the Washington Monument. Going up in that was pretty stinkin' awesome. You can see everything from there. I got my first view of the White House while up there.

The castle

Once we were back on the ground, we went back to the American History Museum for lunch. Drew had BBQ and I had of course chicken strips. And I have to tell you so far these rank number one in DC. :) Then we started walking toward to the Lincoln Monument. We stopped at the World War II Memorial which was really cool. Lots of cool fountains. Just a really nice area.

Then we as were were walking by the reflecting pool, I fed some of our pretzels to a duck. That little guy was snappy. After that, we headed to the Vietnam Memorial. That was sobering. Brought tears to my eyes. It was really amazing to see all those names.

From there we went to the Lincoln Memorial. Wow!! Lincoln is huge. I was not expecting him to be that big. From there, we went to the Korean Memorial. Again sobering and cool all at the same time.

We then took the long stroll to the FDR Memorial and on to the Jefferson Memorial. Lots of great pictures! We took 513 pictures today. I will try to narrow those down so I don't overload you with pictures when I get back.

Then it was back to the condo where we both crashed for a three hour nap. All that walking - whew! My knees and feet have never hurt so bad. We awoke from our nap to a message that Natalie needed us. What in the world had our crazy dogs done? Well let me just tell you. Yesterday when she left she forgot to lock the deadbolt on our backdoor. That door doesn't always close relay good. So sometime after she left, they dogs pushed it open and got to sleep inside last night. LOL! I love those crazy animals. Anyways, the broke into some pill bottles of Andrews, antibiotics and stuff for his sinuses, nothing major. But Nat thought they might have eaten them and was really worried. She found some outside and we are pretty sure she found them all so no worries. Just find it funny that they broke in and slept inside.

After that phone call we went to the coolest Target ever to pick up a few things. Let me warn you now I am amazed by the simplest things here in DC. This target was two stories. I immediately wondered what you would do if you had a shopping cart and needed to go upstairs. Well right there by the people escalator is one for shopping carts. Very cool!!! LOL

Then it was back to the condo and back to bed. It was a great but VERY tiring day.


  1. Nat was MORE than worried.

  2. I am really enjoying these pics! I am glad that you guys had such a nice time!
    What software are you using to create the digital layouts?