Monday, March 9, 2009

I could watch all day....

Yesterday, Andrew and I had nursery duty at church. This was a first for us. I have been on the rotation before, but something always happens. So today was the first time we had it.
At the beginning of church, Andrew stayed in the worship area to help in the sound booth during music. Sara and I had five kiddos back in the nursery. One little girl doesn't do well with leaving her mom. She began crying as soon as her mom left. Sara picked her up and got her settled down. Well then, Jackson needed his mom. Sara picked him up and had him on one knee and the little girl on the other knee. Well, this did not set well with the little girl. I took her next and got her settled back down. After a few more minutes of general play time, Sara took the two "big kids" over to their room for their lesson and craft. These two big kids happen to be the big sisters of that sweet little girl. This set her into tears again.
So there I am trying to settle her down, when Andrew walks in. This little girl took one look at him, climbed out of my arms and headed straight to Andrew. She immediately buried her little head in his chest. She stayed with him the entire time. By the end of our time in the nursery, Andrew had her down out of his lap and playing.
It was so sweet. I must admit I find the sight of my husband playing with a kid pretty stinkin' hot. :) It is definitely my most favorite thing to watch.

Is this not the sweetest thing ever!!!!

Jackson Luke givin' that sweet grin of his.

Kandace joined us toward the end. Isn't this one beautiful girl!!


  1. Okay, that is so sweet that Zoe took to Andrew like that! He's going to make a good daddy. :)

    All of these pics are so cute. Made me smile. :)


  2. Hey girl... sorry we missed Church yesterday. I know Peyton would have had a blast with you guys. She spent the night at the hotel with my dad then we spent some time with him yesterday morning before he left to go home. Looks like you guys had a great time though!